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Hello Brazil People
Brazil, a country of the size of Europe has to offer very much for holiday-makers. The tourism of Brazil is only in the child shoes, experiences however from year to year two digit growth rates. Make also times for vacation in Brazil and become acquainted with a country, which you with its varieties, size, beauty, culture, sport and leisure offers charms become.

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Minimum wage rises to 380,00 Reais 255ste people pharmacy was opened today in Pará
Ford confirms purchase of Troller In the Amazon area are still more isolated trunks
Automobile industry with sales record Tourism obtains record result
Real estate boom in the northeast of Brazil Free shows in the Samba - city
Pestana invests 40 million Euros in Brazil Anatel: more than 100 million mobile phone in the circulation
Spaniards invest 290 million Euros in Bahia Marta was selected of the FIFA to the world-best Soccer player

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